Lower Quinton Boundary Stone

The parish of Quinton was transferred from Gloucestershire to Warwickshire in 1935. Beside the Admington Road out of Lower Quinton sits this mystery stone. It is clearly shown on old maps, and is presumed to be a boundary stone of some kind, but what does it mark?

Having been pushed sideways by the encroaching roadway its position was clearly a hazard both to itself and to passing traffic. Warwickshire Highways moved it in April 2021, and pictures here record the process. Once extracted it was washed clean but no inscription could be found. It is clearly a dressed stone, squared off at the base and sides but the top has been eroded and damaged. Work continues to discover its purpose!

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Postcode: CV37 8TJ

To find it: Going south-east out of Lower Quinton it is just where the road forks to Meon or Admington

Listed? No

To find it on the Map: South West Warwickshire

The stone before lifting and moving away from road surface