Knightlow Cross

This wayside cross lost its upright parts long ago and only the base socket remains. It forms the point at which there is a gathering every November for the collection of the “Wroth Silver”, a ceremony of ancient origin. Read more about the ceremony here.

The name Knightlow contains the Old English hlaw for burial mound, and Margaret Gelling (1978) gives it the meaning ‘tumulus of the young men’.

The socket stone is discussed here.

ID: Knightlow Cross

Grid Reference: SP 40474 73703

Postcode: CV23 9HU

To find it: There is a parking area just past it, off the eastbound carriageway of the A45. Find the field gate just west of this and there is a pathway to the mound where the remains of the Cross are to be found.

Listed? Yes, click here to go to the Historic England site.

To find it on the Map: North East Warwickshire