In the heyday of the era there were around 500 miles of Turnpike in Warwickshire. Since legislation at the time required a mile marker at one mile intervals, it follows that there would have been about 500 markers in place. When turnpikes were abolished, responsibility for formerly turnpiked roads passed at first to local Highways Boards, and then to County Councils. Today in Warwickshire, the County Highways part of the Council does the job. Ownership of the Highway, including milestones, mileposts and the like, has passed to them. It is the case that care for the 60 or so surviving Warwickshire mile markers cannot be high on a cash-tight Council budget. The Milestone Society has good relations with the Council but try as we might, we cannot stem the continuing slow loss of heritage items. This section carries details of some of the losses that we know about since 2001, the date of founding of The Milestone Society,